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Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence


The quality of alloy castings is routinely enhanced by the use of metal pouring filters positioned within the gating system of the mould. These filters remove non-metallic inclusions such as furnace and ladle slag, moulding sand, refractories and de-oxidation products suspended in the metal stream. They also ensure a smooth metal flow into the mould. Correct use of these filters can reduce internal re-work costs in welding and cleaning, improve casting yields and machinability and hence machine tool life.

Mantec's Puremet Metal Pour Filters are extensively utilised in the investment casting of high performance directionally solidified and single crystal gas turbine engine components both for aerospace and industrial applications.

In a related application, ceramic cores are used in the investment casting of high performance gas turbine engine components for aerospace engines. It is critical that these cores offer stability at high casting temperatures, no adverse core-to-alloy reactions, and dimensional consistency. It is for this reason that the use of Mantec's Bullers™ Rings is a critical part of the core manufacturers' Quality Assurance procedures.


Mantec's filtration products have been used for several decades on board warships for applications such as breathing air filtration, bilge water filtration and fuel filtration. The filters for breathing air generally comprise a coalescing pre-filter (nominally 10 microns), a carbon adsorber and an after-filter (nominally 0.3 microns), whereas the bilge and fuel filtration systems are based on Mantec's Star-Sep™ Ceramic Membrane technology.

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  • Technical Data - Bullers Rings & BPCDs

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  • Kiln Applications

    Kiln Applications for Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products Mantec’s family of Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products can be installed throughout the whole kiln – kiln cars, kiln walls, cavity walls, roof space and arched... read more

  • Ultralite versus Fibre

    Ultralite Loose Fill versus Refractory Ceramic Fibre Ultralite Loose Fill is designed to replace the more traditional insulation material within kiln car bases without any of the growing concerns about the health and safety... read more

  • FSSTH Multi Stage High Pressure Filters

    The FSSTH Multi Stage high pressure filter range of units consists of a pre-filter, carbon adsorber and after-filter. The range is based on a number of standard units designed for pressures up to 700 kg/cm2 at 65°C. Details of the pre-... read more

  • FSSTH High Pressure Filters

    The FSSTH series of stainless steel filters has been developed to meet the demands of process air/gas and liquid filtration requirements. They are effective at removing solids from water, chemical, petroleum and other industrial processes... read more

  • E-Brochures & Technical Data

    All our brochures are provided as PDF files. Please ensure you have a PDF reader installed such as Adobe Reader (link opens new window). Click on an icon or link below to open a brochure. Mantec Corporate Brochure Bullers Process... read more

  • Ultralite Castable & Graded Aggregate

    Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF) Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF) is used to reduce the cool face temperature of the outer wall of a kiln/furnace or the door of industrial boilers and is offered by Mantec Technical Ceramics as an... read more

  • Ultralite Loose Fill Insulation

    Ultralite Loose Fill Insulation (ULF) Ultralite is the ultimate kiln car loose fill insulator. It is a unique lightweight refractory aggregate with exceptional insulating properties and has been designed to replace less thermally... read more

  • Puremet Metal Pour Filters

    Mantec's Puremet Metal Pour Filters are unique ceramic filters formed as a reticulated, irregular, three dimensional, open cell structure with a high average surface area. These filters are used extensively in casting aluminium... read more

  • Temperature Control

    World Class Manufacturing Techniques Mantec Technical Ceramics is the home of the globally renowned and industry standard Bullers Temperature Control Devices. Bullers™ Rings and Bullers™ Process Control Discs (BPCDs)... read more

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