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Thermal Insulation


Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products

Ultralite Advanced Solutions

Save up to 40% on Kiln Car Energy Costs

Mantec Technical Ceramics has a complete range of innovative and energy efficient Ultralite Thermal Insulation Products for a wide variety of high temperature applications.

Uniquely available from Mantec, Ultralite is a lightweight, microporous refractory material developed and manufactured in the UK. Mantec’s smart processing of largely traditional materials has resulted in a range of Ultralite products which have exceptional thermal insulation properties.

The superior thermal performance of Ultralite means it is becoming invaluable across a wide range of industries including global heavy clay, sanitaryware, tableware, refractories, iron and steel and glass production industries – reducing energy consumption and saving manufacturers significant costs associated with the overall kiln and furnace operations 

Ultralite Technology

The unique, patent pending Ultralite technology has been developed by Mantec’s in-house ceramic experts and is manufactured in its factory in Stoke-on-Trent in the heart of the UK ceramics region. It is designed to be a modern substitute for more traditional materials across a number of quite distinct applications.

The special refractory formulation that is used to produce Ultralite has given it a technological and performance advantage over other refractory materials and as such offers a suite of benefits such as:

  •  High open porosity
  •  Low thermal mass
  •  Low permeability
  •  Low thermal conductivity
  •  Low bulk density
  •  Lightweight

The exact combination of materials for Ultralite has been selected by Mantec to optimise the generation of a highly porous open structure with a uniform wall thickness and honeycomb microstructure (see micrographs below). As these micrographs show, there is a high proportion of space for air within the Ultralite structure. Air is a good thermal insulator, so materials that trap air like Ultralite have inherent characteristics for insulation, which means that heat transfer through Ultralite products at elevated temperatures is significantly less than that of traditional materials.

Typical Applications for Ultralite

The Ultralite technology can be designed for use in all types of kilns and furnaces. Mantec offers a number of important ultra-lightweight products for this industry, including:

  •  Insulation firebricks
  •  Cover tiles for kiln cars (Currently under development)
  •  Loose fill insulation for kiln car bases
  •  Kiln wall cavity insulation
  •  Refractory castables
  •  Pre-cast shapes
  •  Graded aggregate

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