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Ultralite versus Fibre


Ultralite Loose Fill versus Refractory Ceramic Fibre

Ultralite Loose Fill is designed to replace the more traditional insulation material within kiln car bases without any of the growing concerns about the health and safety implications of Refractory Ceramic Fibres (RCFs). Ultralite Loose Fill is therefore a real alternative choice for the discerning manufacturer.

The low thermal mass of Ultralite Loose Fill, coupled with its superior lower thermal conductivity compared to RCFs, gives energy savings on every kiln car fired. This significantly helps to reduce energy usage. The graph above shows a comparison of material densities in which the standard Ultralite Loose Fill ULF-10 can be seen with the lowest value at 75 Kg/m³.

The installed density of RCF is often misunderstood.  Whilst the nominal density stated by the supplier
may be 90 Kg/m³, the actual installed density can typically be 125 to 200 Kg/m³ depending on how tightly packed the RCF material is inside the kiln car.

Ultralite Loose Fill on the other hand is free flowing (can be conveniently poured into spaces), easy to install (no tight packing required) and achieves an even density throughout the kiln car base.

The graph below shows a thermal conductivity comparison between Ultralite Loose Fill and various grades of RCF. It can be seen that Ultralite Loose Fill has a lower thermal conductivity, particularly at elevated temperatures (above 1000°C / 1832°F).


Practical benefits over ceramic fibre

Ultralite does not have the same associated health and safety issues as RCF. It does not break down or become brittle in use, therefore its thermal performance remains stable for much longer periods, thereby improving the whole life cost of the installation. 

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