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Ultralite Castable & Graded Aggregate


Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF)

Ultralite Cavity Fill Castable (UCF) is used to reduce the cool face temperature of the outer wall of a kiln/furnace or the door of industrial boilers and is offered by Mantec Technical Ceramics as an alternative material for kiln/furnace or boiler manufacturers and maintenance teams. 

This exceptional Ultralite Cavity Fill castable exhibits all the same characteristics as Ultralite Loose Fill (ULF) as it is manufactured from the same material and blended together with high grade refractory aggregates and cements creating the following product:

  • UCF-950 - Standard Cavity Fill castable. Maximum service temperature of 950°C/1742˚F
  • UCF-10HS - A reinforced high strength version that is ideal for producing ultra-lightweight cast refractory shapes for industrial boiler applications and an excellent alternative to traditional refractory ceramic/bio- soluble fibre products. Maximum service temperature of 1050°C/1922°F
  • UCF-12HS – A reinforced high strength version similar to UCF-10HS but with a maximum service temperature of 1250°C/2282°F

Ultralite Refractory Castable (URC)

Ultralite Refractory Castable (URC) is also a blend of Ultralite Loose Fill and high grade refractory aggregates and cements, which results in an exceptional castable product.

This flexible material allows a variety of applications to be handled, from the creation of cast shapes that are lightweight with exceptional heat insulating properties to cement for refractory linings.

Ultralite Refractory Castable (URC) is available in three main grades with maximum service temperatures ranging from 1100°C (2012°F) up to 1300°C (2372°F):

  • URC-11 – Maximum service temperature of 1100°C/2012°F
  • URC-12 – Maximum service temperature of 1200°C/2192°F
  • URC-13 – Maximum service temperature of 1300°C/2372°F

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA)

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA) is supplied to customers who prefer to utilise Ultralite as a lightweight microporous graded refractory aggregate to manufacture their own refractory shapes.

Ultralite Graded Aggregate (UGA) is the graded version of Mantec's Ultralite Loose Fill (ULF) insulation material and is available in two main grades with maximum service temperatures ranging from 1050°C (1922°F) up to 1250°C (2282°F):

  • UGA-10 - Maximum service temperature of 1050°C (1922°F)
  • UGA-12 - Maximum service temperature of 1250°C (2282°F)

For this application, UGA products are available in the following standard grain sizes:

  • 0 to 1mm
  • 0 to 2mm
  • 0 to 3mm

In addition to these typical Ultralite Graded Aggregate products, Mantec also has the ability to develop specific grades to suit customers’ own bespoke requirements. 

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