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New Ultralite Insulating Firebricks

Proven 16% Energy Saving in Kiln Roof Insulation

Ultralite Insulating Firebricks (UIFBs) are manufactured by Mantec Technical Ceramics using advanced microporous refractory technology and unique patent pending engineering expertise.

The standard UIFB-26 brick meets the requirements of ASTM C155 for group 26 applications requiring a temperature rating of 1400°C/2552°F. UIFB-26 comes in two standard sizes – 230mm x 114mm x 64mm (9” x 4 ½” x 2 ½”) and 230mm x 114mm x 76mm (9” x 4 ½” x 3”).

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Ideal Standard benefit from Ultralite

How we saved energy, improved health and safety and reduced maintenance time with Ultralite!

Ultralite is a unique lightweight refractory material that has excellent thermal insulation properties.

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The use of Ultralite™ in the Brick Industry

How Ultralite™ saved money, improved efficiency and reduced maintenance time at Hanson Brick UK.

Hanson is one of the world's largest suppliers of heavy building materials to the construction industry, producing a range of building products including concrete pipes, concrete pavers, tiles and clay bricks.

Their use of Ultralite™ within the construction of the kiln cars demonstrated a major advantage over the previous fibre / vermiculite construction in terms of its thermal efficency.

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Ultralite™ in India

How Ultralite™ is saving energy and improving production yields within many of India’s Ceramics Manufacturers

Mantec Technical Ceramics continues to be successful in supplying its energy efficient ceramic insulation material, Ultralite™, within the sub-continent of India. 

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